Tulamben - Karangasem - East Bali


The small fishing village of Tulamben lies along this hot, dry coast, 10 km west of Culik, 23 km from Tirtagangga, and 95 km from Denpasar. Due to its proximity to some of the island's best diving, it has attracted snorkelers and scuba divers from all over the world.

Tulamben Beach is peppered with black rocks that scald your feet in the noonday sun. There's not much to do here but dive, eat, read, sleep, and stroll down the village street in the cool of the evening.

Tulamben Fishing Village - Tulamben

Tulamben is considered by many the premier dive spot on Bali. The best months for diving are July and August, but even in the rainy season the diving can be very satisfying. The numerous dive operators in Kuta, Bali, and Lovina bring large groups of enthusiasts here. Hardcore divers end up staying for days. A large variety of big fish is accessible right out in front of most accommodations. Many of the fish are so tame, they'll eat bananas right out of your hand.

A sunken American Liberty ship, torpedoed by the Japanese in 1942, is the big diving attraction. This eerie ghost lies about a kilometer to the west of the main hotels, only 40-50 meters from the beach. Swim straight out from the white toilet block on the beach 100 meters north of Ganda Mayu Bungalows. It doesn't take much strength to reach it.

The broken steel ship stretches in two pieces for over 100 meters along a steep sandy slope, its length almost parallel to shore. The top is only three meters below the surface, the bottom about 30 meters down. Visibility is 12-15 meters, and the wreck is within easy snorkeling distance from the shore. Large encrusted holes in the hull and deck allow exploration of the interior of the wreck.

Plenty of soft corals, sponge, hydrozoas, and gorgonians. It's estimated 400 species of reef fish inhabit the wreck, as well as 100 species of surface organisms. A large coral outcropping lies 100 meters away to the east, and in the ocean off the eastern end of the beach is a great coral wall with overhangs, big gorgonians, and basket sponges.

Getting there

From Candidasa, reach Tulamben by 'bemo' via Amlapura and from Singaraja (70 km to the west) by Isuzu van.

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