Special Interest Tours in Bali

What is the special Interest Tours in Bali ?

Bali has many thing to see and to do.
The interesting places to visit are listed on the regular tour programs which can be booked in advance.
There are many interesting things are not listed as a regular tours as it may not be available everyday and can not be visited at anytime. Below are some information that may be interested to visit. Please contact us for the details of when and where to go.

  • Dancing Lesson
  • Balinese Music Lesson
  • Visit Mekepung In Jembrana
  • Ngaben Ceremony Visit
  • Tooth Filing Ceremony
  • Family Temple Ceremony
  • Fortune Teller Visit
  • Photograph Activities
  • Bali Mask Maker
  • Shadow Puppet Maker
  • Balinese Offering Making
  • Balinese Sugar Making
  • Balinese Wine Making
  • Balinese Burial Process
  • Gold and Silver Smith
  • Balinese Black Smith
  • Painters Workshop
  • Wooden Crafts Workshop
  • Balinese Cooking Class
  • Bali Traditional Markets
  • Hindu's Priest Place
  • Many Others

Places To Visit in Bali